CPD Funding Matrix and Dashboard Reports for Marion County

These reports provide funding information for each city and state  that receives CPD program funds, in a place-based format. The reports  detail the size of each grant received over the past several years, as  well as the total amount of funds currently available to be spent on  affordable housing and community and economic development activities.

CPD Funding Matrix Note: Based on the requirement  that a grantee uses the adjusted ratio for determining its compliance  with the CDBG timeliness standard of having no more than 1.5 times its  annual allocation in its adjusted line of credit balance 60 days prior  to the end of its current program year, HUD is in the process of  updating the CDBG recapture risk column in the CPD Funding Matrix  report, revised calculation is pending. In the meantime, a grantee  wanting to know how much CDBG funding it may have at risk of recapture  can do the following simple calculation:

{Adjusted line of credit (LOC) balance [LOC + program income +  revolving loan fund balance(s)]} – {Annual allocation for current  program year x 1.5} = Amount of potential reduction in next year’s grant  (not to exceed actual grant amount)


RFALP12819CO Unified Homelessness Grant Application

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